Music and Dance in Rabindranath Tagores Education Philosophy : Santidev Ghosh

Music and Dance in Rabindranath Tagore’s Education Philosophy SANTIDEV GHOSH Rabindra Nath Tagore had integrated music, dance, drama and the fine art in the educational system adopted at the school and college levels at Santiniketan and Viswa-Bharati university, which he founded. The author, a close associate of Tagore as a student at Santiniketan and later a teacher, recounts in this book his involvement with this unique experiment. The book contains valuable information about the courses of study, the method of teaching, and the regimen of students in the formative years of Santiniketan. By way of intimate reminiscence, it also indicates little-known sources of Tagore's inspiration as a composer and thinker. 150 x 225 mm / 60 pages Published 1978 / Rs 20