Tolpava Koothu : Shadow Puppets of Kerala (reprint) : G. Venu

Traditional puppetry of Kerala, Tolpava Koothu — originating in the Bhagavati temples of Palghat district — presents the Ramayana story as told by Kambar, the Tamil epic poet, in the Kamba Ramayana. In 21 parts, over 21 evenings, the story is enacted in koothumadams or temple theatres before eager local audiences. This monograph provides a basic introduction to Tolpava Koothu — setting out its cultural background, associated rituals, as well as specifics of stage, illumination, music, puppets and their manipulation. A day-wise synopsis of the story as presented in 21 parts, select scenes of Tolpava Koothu, lists of puppets and temples where the art is practised help to bring alive the subject to the reader. 185 x 240 mm / 68 pages/ 71 halftones Reprint 2006 / Rs 295