Kuttampalam and Kutiyattam : A Study of the Traditional Theatre for the Sanskrit Drama of Kerala : Goverdhan Panchal

The Kuttampalam of Kerala — the temple play-house in which Kutiyattam is staged — has a history of a thousand years and linkages with the natyamandapa, described by Bharata in the Natyashastra. This book is a full-length study of the kuttampalam with detailed descriptions of specific theatres and an analysis of their common features. The author places the kuttampalam in its socio-cultural and historical context, also establishing its trans-cultural architectural connections. The photographs and drawings bring home to the reader details of construction and ornamentation. The prefatory chapter deals with Kutiyattam, the classical dance-drama of Kerala. 232 x 295 mm / 160 pages / 37 drawings / 67 halftones Published 1984 / Rs 130