Indian Drama in Retrospect (Introduction by Jayant Kastuar)

Indian Drama in Retrospect offers a sweeping survey of theatre in most of the States of India, presented by front-ranking figures in the early phase of post-independence theatre. The contributors capture for us the discourse of the day pertaining to theatre in their regions and languages, which is further underscored by the discussions which follow the papers. There are twenty-one papers here representing as many States of India, offering a fund of authentic information on the practice of theatre in each linguistic region. Besides, there are twelve papers focused on special topics such as amateur theatre, children's theatre, actors' training, and theatre architecture. Besides students of theatre, this book will be of much value to scholars investigating the history of the performing arts in modern India, those studying arts policy and patronage, and those with a special interest in the relationship of the arts and the State. 185 x 250 mm / 412 pages Published 2007 / Rs 850