Avenues to Beauty : Eight Essay in Aesthetics : By S.K. Saxena

This book has something of value for lovers of both contemporary and traditional thinking on the arts. Essays on “Aesthetics Today”, “The Quest for Key Aesthetic Concepts”, and “The Aesthetic Attitude” relate explicitly to present-day aesthetics; and the one on “Rasa Theory” may well be able to provide some new insights to those who are not averse to looking anew at this impressive foray of traditional Indian thinkers into the region of aesthetics. Very few aestheticians have written so far on a subject such as “Music and Silence”; and nowhere, except in this book, is the reference all along to Hindustani music. Nor has our rhythm been written on in the way it appears in this book, in the following essays: “Hindustani Rhythm and Aesthetic Theory” and “Hindustani Rhythm and an Aesthetical Issue”. Finally, the book has a thought-provoking essay on Attenborough’s classic film Gandhi, which should make us more sensitive to the creative devices cinema can employ with delightful effect. 150 x 225 mm / ix + 243 pages Published 2009 / Rs 580