Thyagaraja Kriti Sangraha : Shrirangam R. Kannan

This is a collection of 50 select Telugu kritis of Thyagaraja (1767–1847) — chief of the trinity of Carnatic music — transliterated in Devanagari, summarized in Hindi, and notated according to the Bhatkhande system prevalent in North India. The first five kritis are Thyagaraja’s famous Pancharatna kritis, sung in chorus by vidwans at the start of the annual Thyagaraja celebrations at Thiruvaiyaru. All 50 kritis are in different ragas but, chiefly, in Adi, Rupakam, Mishra Chapu and Khanda Chapu talas. Variations of the pallavi, anupallavi, and charanam of each kriti are indicated as well as the lakshanas of each raga and tala. With its helpful directions for the singer, this collection, put together by V. Raghavan and other scholars, serves to acquaint those grounded in Hindustani music with the work of Thyagaraja, as also to sing the kritis to the extent possible. 185 x 250 mm / 353 pages / 4 illustrations Published 1973 / Rs 20