Pushti Sangeet Prakash : Edited by Bhagwatiprasad Premshankar Bhatt

Pushti Sangeet, better known today as Haveli Sangeet, is the Kirtan tradition associated with the Vaishnavite Pushti sect of western India founded by Vallabhacharya at the height of the Bhakti movement during the 16th and 17th centuries. The Pushti tradition produced the Ashtachhap poet-composers who, with their successors, created an enormous corpus of devotional compositions rendered as part of the worship in the havelis or temples of the sect. A distinct musical tradition was thereby established and professional musicians absorbed in the fold in the capacity of temple kirtankars. This book contains 136 select Pushti compositions, with their notations, in 80 ragas by 27 poet-composers of the sect including the Ashtachhap poets. There is a useful preface on the Pushti sect and its music of the compiler/editor, himself a representative of the tradition. 155 x 250 mm / 280 pages / 3 halftones Published 1983 / Rs 70