Ayodhyakanda of Tolpava Koothu : K.L. Krishnankutty Pulavar

Shadow puppetry of Kerala, Tolpava Koothu presents the Ramayana story as told by Kamban, the Tamil epic poet, in the Kamba Ramayana. Ayodhyakanda is the second of six kandas or parts of Kamban’s epic, and deals with Rama’s expulsion from Ayodhya at the instance of Kaikeyi. This book contains the atalpattu or ‘script’ of Ayodhyakanda, incorporating the interpolations — episodes, explanations, dialogues, etc. — made by the puppeteers in successive generations and orally transmitted. It is the first attempt — by a noted Koothu performer — to put this down in writing. 180 x 240 mm / 388 pages / 23 halftone Published 1983 / Rs 100