Grants for Academic Research in Performing Arts


The purpose of the scheme would be to promote research which adds to the existing body of knowledge, and thus widens our understanding, of the performing arts of India. Such research may aim at building up authentic histories of various forms of music, dance and theatre, investigate specific periods critical to their development, address itself to omissions or erasures in the record of the performing arts, or even raise polemieal issues/questions in regard to established ideas or notions in the performing arts. Research promoted through this scheme may utilize various methodological approaches available in the humanities, but must bring to any investigation a sense of history – of time and place and social dynamics.


Any individual with a proven ability to carry out research in accordance with established academic norms would be eligible to apply for support under this scheme. There would be no age bear or minimum academic qualifications specified. This would of course not come in the way of scholars, with high academic qualifications, or those registered for doctoral or post-doctoral work with universities, from applying for financial assistance under the scheme.

Applications and Evaluation

Applications for support under the scheme would be invited through notices/advertisements published in the Akademi’s journal Sangeet Natak as well as other relevant periodicals, and also announced on the Akademi’s website.
An application would consist of: (a) a note not exceeding 1500 words giving the background to the project and stating the rationale for the proposed investigation; (b) a chronological work-plan; (c) a break-down of the expenses involved under various heads of expenditure – travel, board and lodging, books and stationery, photography and videography, etc.; (d) a bio-data of the applicant mentioning all work undertaken relevant to the proposed research; (e) copies of published/un-published material relevant to the research; (f) a declaration of financial assistance, if any, being received for the work from any other institution (A grant being received from another institution will not render, the application invalid.)
The value of each research grant may be between Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 2 lakh and upto a maximum of 10 grants may be awarded in a year. The duration of projects will not exceed 2 years.
Applications will be screened by a Committee of experts including specialists in the relevant field of art as well as scholars in humanities and social sciences. Candidates may be invited to an interview with this committee as part of the screening process.
Ongoing work will be reported to the Akademi on a quarterly or half-yearly basis. The progress of work will be checked against the work schedule submitted by the applicant. The funds sanctioned will be disbursed periodically (quarterly/half-yearly) after this assessment of the work in progress. These reports can also be referred to the members of the expert committee. The researcher may seek the advice of any member of the committee in the course of his/her work on the project..

Output of Research

The end-product of a research project enabled by a grant will be a manuscript worthy of publication. This will be circulated among member s of the expert committee, and the researcher may be invited to an interview with the committee where he/she may have to defend the work. Modifications to the manuscript suggested by the committee may be carried out before the release of the final installment of the grant.
The Akademi would have the first option publishing the research in an form (in book form, in its journal Sangeet Natak, or through its website). In case the Akademi chooses not to publish the work, a grant for its publication would be considered under the Akademi’s scheme of financial assistance for publications. Due acknowledgement of the grant would be made by the author in case the work is published elsewhere. The copyright for the work would be retained by the author.