Publication Grants

Objectives & Scopes

i) Objective & Scope The purpose of this Scheme, which has been implemented by Sangeet Natak Akademi since its inception, is to encourage the publication of books and periodicals on music, dance and drama in all the languages of India, besides English. Books and periodicals on these subjects are often not commercially viable, and the scheme by meting printing costs makes it possible for authors and publishers to present their work to the reading public. Financial assistance under the scheme is sanctioned after expert assessment of manuscripts, so far as books are concerned, and published issues in the case of periodicals. A large number of books and periodicals in various Indian languages have been published with financial assistance made available under this scheme over the past fifty years.

ii) Major achievements made during Xth Five year plan and anticipated achievements for the current financial year.

During the above plan period, Akademi’s work in respect of publishing in the performing arts has developed along lines laid down in its schemes. The range and number of periodicals supported with grants has increased appreciably during this period.

iii) Projection for XI Plan The scheme of Financial Assistance for publication will continue with expanded dimensions. Publication of books, manuscripts and manuals on specific forms of music, dance and drama will also get support.